Tonke Iko is a 6 screen 50 player platform game

It was first presented at the October 2014 Steam Carnival.

Tonde Iko was made with HappyFunTimes

HappyFunTimes is a system for making party games. Players use their smartphones to connect. There's no need to install any software. This allows instant participation of up to 50 players.

Each screen has a different theme

The screens all act as one large virtual level. Players move their character off the edge of a screen and it magically appears to jump to the next screen

The Team

Zack Alvarado

Zack is a high school student that loves making pixel art. He started out making art and levels for imaginary games with Paint.NET, and later creating custom skins for Minecraft. Then he started making real games with his older brother, Indigo, who did the programming in BlitzMax. He spent many, many hours studying and practicing the craft of making tile sets and animating characters for 2D games.

He eventually started programming his own 2D platform game so he wouldn’t have to wait on his brother to implement the features he wanted. But his first love is making pixel art, and he was happy to have the chance to work on the tile sets and design ideas for Tonde Iko—a game that would be publicly exhibited!

He plans to keep developing his art skills and working as a professional game developer in the future.

Zeyu Ren 任泽宇

Zeyu is an undergraduate studying Design | Media Arts at UCLA. He is an enthusiastic artist that interested in concept design, motion graphics and illustration.

Zeyu is a verified designer at community. He also work as a freelance designer for motion graphics and visual identity for companies. He also took part in LA Phil’s Visions of America: Amériques’ project at Walt Disney Concert Hall at Refik Anadol Studio.

In the spare time, Zeyu likes writing science fictions and long boarding. His favorite game company is Riot Games.

Zeyu is now actively participating in making art for games in UCLA game lab. He is also drawing everyday to enhance his digital painting skills.

John Alvarado

John began making video games professionally way back in 1983—with Gregg Tavares! He started out making artwork on the old 8-bit home systems (remember Atari 800? Commodore 64?). Since then he has been a programmer, project lead, and game studio owner.

He is currently the Technical Director at inXile entertainment in Newport Beach, where he recently shipped Wasteland 2, the long awaited sequel to the late ‘80s classic Wasteland

John is the proud father of three boys who love video games. He especially enjoyed teaming up with his son Zack and his old friend Gregg to make Tonde Iko.

Gregg "Greggman" Tavares

Gregg has been making games since the early 80s starting back in high school with John Alvarado. His first commerical game was Centipede for the Commodore 64. The most famous games he's worked on are probably Gunship for C64/PC/Amiga, Pirates! for PC, and Crash Team Racing for PS1. He had the most fun making Locoroco for PSP.

Lately he's been spending his time making the HappyFunTimes system and trying to explore the possibilities that are enabled when you can have a local game with 10-50 players.

He's also hanging out as an "artist in residence" at the UCLA Game Lab where he's helping students use HappyFunTimes.

Make Your Own!

Both HappyFunTimes (a system for making party games) and Tonde Iko are open source.

Feel free to use them and make something awesome!