A simple web server for local web development.

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A simple web server for local web development.



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Servez is an stand alone app that runs a simple web server. with a GUI to start/stop and choose a folder to serve.

I’ve worked with many people, often students, who are not comfortable with command lines and certainly not comfortable setting up a big server like Apache.

Servez provides them with an easy way to get started without having to install multiple dependencies nor having to integrate things with their system. No adding to paths, no downloading 3 different pieces of software. Just run and start.




main.js          // runs the browser process
src/index.html   // the main window
src/index.js     // JS for the main window
src/style.css    // CSS for the main window
src/listing.css  // CSS for directory listings


npm start

Will launch with devtools open. Setting the environment variable SERVEZ_ECHO to true will make issue many logging commands in main.js into the log in the app


npm run dist

Will build a file for distribution in the dist folder for the current platform.